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Lisa Bühl
film photography about contact deutsch

filmmaker & cinematographer

Documentary // approx. 72’ // 2023 (In Post-production)

Director: Lisa Bühl, Carolina Jimenez
Cinematography: Lisa Bühl
Production: Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Lisa Bühl

The Pacific coast of Colombia: wild, away from big cities and streets, affected by years of armed conflict. In a small village on the coast, in the middle of the jungle, a young generation lives between the past and the future. How do memories, experiences and traumas manifest themselves in dreams and how much space do they take up? Can the dream help to create a new reality or is able to transform it? Using a fairytale narrative with fictional and documentary elements, the film gives the young generation a voice.

Official Selection MIDBO Doc Lab 2019
BKM cultural film funding 2020
Official Selection EDF Pitch @ Max Ophüls Preis 2021